Jorggáhallan Elle Sofe

Dance artist Elle Sofe Sara has visited the homes of about ten Samis people of the older generation. They have given her vivid descriptions of movements that have taken place in living rooms and homes, by the fire, in weddings, and in spiritual settings.

The duet is carefully composed of a humble study of movements, where a handful of movements have become cornerstones in the meeting between two dancers. Jorggáhallan is a meeting between old and new movements, personal interpretations, a journey in time and space, and an invitation to sense an experience that vibrates in the tension between a cup of coffee and rousing dance.


Choreographer Elle Sofe Henriksen
Dancers Thomas Gundersen
Marte Fjellheim Sarre
Music written and composed by  Wimme Saari
 Tapani Rinne
Music performed by

Wimme Saari
Tapani Rinne,
Tuomas Norvio,
Juuso Hannukainen
Matti Wallenius

Costumes Ann Mari Sara
Lighting design Niels Jensen, Audionor
Light and sound technician Heikki Isokoski , Tuupa records
Fellow creators

Semen Bolshonov
Alexandra Wingate
Marianne Kjærsund
Esther Wrobel

Producer Dansearena Nord

Olga Shavrina
Sergey Gavrilov
Lars Öberg
Zbigniew “Ziggi” Wantuch

Funded by

Norsk kulturråd/ Arts council Norway
Kulturkontakt Nord/ Nordic Culture Point
Scenekunstbruket (Spenn)
Fond for utøvende kunstnere/ Fund for performing artists
Fond for lyd og bilde/ Fund for sound and picture
Samediggi/ Sametinget i Norge/ Sámi Parlament Norway


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