Eallin ULVogUGLE

Camilla Therese Karlsen belongs to the Sea Sami tribe of Northern Norway. Her Great Grandfather was a sami storyteller, and this project is based on a few legends he told, that were subsecuently written down by Just Qvigstad during the period 1929-1932. Together with Sami musician Emil Karlsen, and Danish juggler, acrobat and mover Zietra Møller, Camilla aims to make some of these legends come alive in this piece. Stories of meetings between gods, spirits, the dead and the living, and about the energy that lingers when we die.

Why are we so afraid of death?

Who are the ghosts of todays society?

Come and experience traditional Sami joik mixed with modern music, stories told in traditional form and poetry, all mixed with dancing bodies and moving objects.


Company UlvogUgle
Show "Eallin"
On stage Camilla Therese Karlsen
Zietra Møller
Emil Karlsen
Director Joanna Bassi
Composer of music and joik Emil Karlsen
Text and idea Camilla Therese Karlsen
Producer Maiken Garder/Dansearena nord
Supported by Dramatikkens hus
Dansearena nord
World Premiere November 7th 2018 at DanseFestival Barents in Hammerfest


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Maiken Garder

Maiken Garder Producer


Raider will available from November 10th 2018