Digging into my magnificient trashbin I´m searching for my life

What is it in your life you talk about, what are you silent about and what is it that you just do not bring any attention to at all? Some of these questions are the starting point of Haugen Productions newest work, I’m Digging into my Magnificent Trashbin, searching for my life, that will be premiered under the Arctic Festival in Harstad (NO), June 2018. The project brings together five experienced performing-artists from different cultures and background, that all are willing to search deep into their own lives to find the stories that have pulled them into the shape of today.
Interaction and performers that are willing to take risks, ensure this to be a performance out of the usual.


Idea and concept Anne Katrine Haugen
Performers Gerd Kaisa Vorren
Jenny Maria Svensson
Jordi Cortés
Alexander S. L. Aarø
Anne Katrine Haugen
Installation and light Lawrence Malstaf
Music Erik Stifjell
Creative input and artistic assistance Kristina Junttila
Additional artistic assistance Jon Tombre, Liv Hanne Haugen
Production Haugen Production
Production assistance Dansearena nord
Supported by

Norwegian Cultural Fonds
Norsk Kulturråd
Fond for Lyd og Bilde


Arctic Festival, Harstad, Norway 23rd. June 2018.

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