Digital keynote: The Ambivalence of Creative Activism

We are happy to invite our Russian and Norwegian collegues to take part in this online keynote session about the ambivalence of creative activism.

This session was originally planned to happen during IETM Plenary Meeting in Tromsø, but as you all know, times are different. We do however still find it important to discuss what is the role of the Arts in a time of drastic change:

The Ambivalence of Creative Activism by Silas Harrebye
In my research, I have focused on the potential of creative forms of activism for a decade. It can go where rational discourse cannot, mobilize docile bodies, and stimulate the political imagination. In this talk the tables are turned. I will focus on the limitations and dark side of the affective art of activism. To challenge the field, I will develop a case and theory-based typology of pitfalls to navigate when designing, carrying out, evaluating, and appreciating creative activism. These pitfalls include the choir effect, the paradox of satire, the clown’s balance act, one trick pony syndrome, bad translation, propaganda, cooptation, and domestication.

Silas Harrebye is Associate Professor at the Institute for Social Science and Business at Roskilde University in Denmark. In his work he focuses on social change and how globalization effects new form of democratic participation and social innovation.

The keynote will be happening on Zoom:
Monday May 18th at 12.00 noon (GMT + 2 hours).

By signing up you will be receiving a link for the keynote. ​We are looking forward to seeing you there.

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